How to use the Whatsapp Voice Messaging

Hey chatters we’re back with a new tutorial on how to use Whatsapp’s voice messaging. It’s really easy and it will give your message’s that personal touch of your voice! Or maybe you just want to share an interesting sound around you.


You start by selecting the voice icon which is the microphone symbol located all the way to the right of the messaging field. It’s important that you press and hold this button. When you do the button will turn red and you’ll be recording sound. Now you can go ahead and say what you want to say or put the phone close to that sound you want to record.

Once you’re done with your message just let the button go and Whatsapp will take care of the rest and send the message to the person or group that you selected.

It does sometimes happen that you press the button by accident. If you let go of it very rapidly then no message will be sent. It’s also a possibility that you don’t want to send the message that you just recorded.

If you’re still holding the microphone button then you can just swipe with your finger to the left to cancel the message. If you already let go of the button you can always press and hold the message you want to delete. When you do this Whatsapp will give you the option to delete the message.

It really is that easy, give it a try and let us know about all the cool messages you sent. If you found this tutorial helpful or if you have any other questions let us know in the comments.

And just as always stay safe and happy chatting!

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How to share pictures, videos, location or contacts

Share everything!

Whatsapp is a great way to share your life with friends and family. Sometimes just sending a text is not enough. Luckily Whatsapp offers many ways to enhance the way you communicate with your friends and family. Whatsapp lets you share Images, Videos, Audio, your location and Contacts. Let’s get started on how you can do this!


Almost all the sharing options are located on the menu that comes up when you press the circle with an arrow inside button on the left of where you type.


Pictures and Video

Whatsapp allows you to share media that you already have. It also gives you the option to make an image or a video and then send it immediately. The app will also by default put a copy of the image or video on your phone.

To make an image or video before sending it you can press the “Take Photo or Video” option. Once you do this the app will display a screen where you can take a quick picture or make a video. Follow the instructions on the screen to select what you want to do. Optionally in case you pressed it by mistake the app also allows you to select an image by showing a carousel of your latest images on the bottom.

To choose an image or video that’s already on your phone select the “Photo/Video Library” button. When you press it a new window will come up that allows you to pick a photo. You can go ahead and select one. The app will show you another screen where you can caption your Image or Video. Optionally you can add multiple images that will be added and send together.

Location location location

We often make dates with our friends and family and agree to meet up at a certain place. It’s really annoying when everybody is around the area agreed upon but not close enough. Or a family member might not know exactly where a location is. Whatsapp luckily has location sharing so you can share exactly where you are and send it to people. This can also be handy to brag when you’re on vacation somewhere around the world.

To do this simply press the “Share Location” option. Whatsapp will present a screen with your current location. Optionally you can search for a location nearby. Once you press send your location will be shared and your friends and family that you are chatting it will see a map with the location.


Finally you can also send contacts trough Whatsapp. Share your friend’s new phone number with all your friends. Or share your favorite pizza place’s phone number with your buddies. Press the “Share Contact” and a screen will pop up allowing you to select or search for a contact. Select the contact you want to share and the people receiving the message will automatically receive the contact and will get the option to add it their contacts.

So let us know if this tutorial helped you or if you have any other questions. Stay safe and happy chatting!


How to join and login into Whatsapp

Hey everybody we’re going to be putting a bunch of tutorials on how to get the most out of Whatsapp. First one is how to login into Whatsapp.

Let’s get started!

First if you haven’t done so make sure you create an account with Whatsapp. The first step to doing this is to download the App on your phone. Follow these links to download the app on your current phone.

Android Download

Apple iOS Download

Other Phones

Once you have it installed

Once you have Whatsapp installed on your phone you can start the app by clicking on the App icon. After a welcome the app will ask you for your phone number so that it can verify who you are (you can’t use Whatsapp on your phone without a phone number).

Make sure you enter the correct country code. If you don’t know yours look for it here: List of country codes. Follow the country code with your phone number. Once you have entered both of the correctly then Whatsapp will send you a message with your verification code (6 digits).

After you enter these 6 digits you’ll get access to all the features Whatsapp has to offer. The app will automatically scan your phone for contacts that are using Whatsapp and you’ll be able to send them messages, images, videos and more quickly and easily.

Let us know in the comments if this guide was helpful or if you have any other questions. And make sure to keep checking this site for more awesome Whatsapp tutorials that will be coming up in future. Remember to stay safe and happy chatting!