WhatsApp is a cool and easy way to chat, share pictures and pretty much anything with friends, relatives and families. We are not affiliated with them but we certainly love what they do. Check out the Whatsapp application that is available for a wide array of devices!

If you’re simply looking for information on WhatsApp you can check out this page!

iOS App

WhatsApp has a great iOS app that let’s you chat and text for free by activating your phone number!

WhatsApp iOS App

Android App

WhatsApp also has a great Android app available on a wide array of Android devices!

WhatsApp Android App

Windows Phone App

Not to be left behind there’s also a Windows Phone App!

The app is available on the Windows Phone marketplace or you can download it by clicking this link!

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and is based out of Mountain View California. WhatsApp has over 190 million active users and that amount is sure to increase after it was acquired by Facebook!

WhatsApp is a cool and secure way to chat with friends and relatives and share all those wonderful moments that life has to offer! With WhatsApp you can not only text but also share fun pictures, cool videos and even let your friends quickly and easily know where you are by sending them your location. You can even send voice memos to your loved once that they can listen to over and over again so that they will always feel like they’re right next to you.

With a great service and easy to use app the company has been steadily growing since it started. It will surely continue to grow and the company got a great boost of confidence when it was acquired by Facebook in early 2014. So check the app out and remember to enjoy it!

WhatsApp and Voip

WhatsApp has long been rumored to be working on a Voip feature. And after it was acquired by Facebook recently rumors have seem to have flared up! With even some rumored screenshots hitting the internet.

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